It's such a shame to see electronics going into landfill.

It's also not very good for the environment! Even a small amount of the toxic heavy-metals that electronics contain can be hazardous if they leach into the water table.

We try to do our little bit by doing what we can to re-cycle e-waste. In particular, we refurbish Apple iMacs. Mainly to give them new life but also to make this marvellous technology affordable to more people.

We have to travel some distance and sometimes even pay to e-cycle what even we can't salvage but we still do that rather than taking the easy option of using landfill. Because it's the right thing to do. Where we can, we also separate our own waste (e.g. packaging etc) so that as much as possible is reused and/or recycled.

Also, even though it may cost more, we use NZ Post exclusively whenever shipping anything as they have committed to being carbon neutral.

If you have any Apple products that you no longer want, feel free to contact us about taking them off your hands.

Subarashii is Japanese for splendid; glorious; excellent; or superb.

We are based in Cambridge in the Waikato in New Zealand.